Race Team Pro Pak - Race Teams including Owners & Sponsors Insurance

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WSIB’s Race Team Pro Pak product and coverage is designed for professional, semi-professional, and amateur race teams along with other businesses in the motorsports industry. We can provide coverage for team ranging from a multi-car professional team including international travel exposures to a weekend racer. In addition, our product offering extends to Products Liability coverage for product retailers and manufacturers.


Racing Pro Pak - Facilities/Events & Sanctioning Bodies

Image of Facilities & Events

WSIB underwrites and markets specialty insurance products on a nationwide basis to the motorsport racing industry through our "Racing Pro Pak" product. Our products target the following categories:

Facilities: Insurance products for the owner or operators of a permanent motorsports venue or location and racing events or activities under their control, management or direction.

Events: Insurance products for motorsports events or activities that take place at various venues or facilities that are typically leased or rented by the insured.

Sanctioning Bodies: Insurance products for entities that promote and provide racing rules, guidelines and requirements for events they manage or sanction for tracks, participants and their membership.   

Coverage is provided on an annual or single event basis (subject to minimum premium requirements) with the premium typically based on the schedule of events, nature of the activities, limits requested and prior loss experience if applicable.


Disability Income & Life Insurance

Image of Racing injury leg cast.

We can provide quotes through multiple carrier partners for Disability and Life Insurance including the following (but not limited to): Driver Purchased Temporary Total disability, Permanent Total Disability, Team purchased, and Sponsor Reimbursement Coverage etc...